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Complete Office, Medical, Spa & Tanning Room Systems

For use in any Business, Medical & Spa Environments

Chiropractic Rooms

Reception Areas & Retail Counters

Product Displays & Fixtures

Eurowalls Now is now offering

Select Pre-Owned

Rooms, Counters, and Fixtures


We can assist you with the sale of YOUR Pre-Owned

Rooms, Counters, and Fixtures! 716-478-0067

The Perfect Fit, Everytime.

Does your salon need an update?

The Express Make-Over (or EMO!!)

Do you have a salon that is 5 years old or older…?

Does it look a little “dog-eared” or dated…?

Does it lack SOA…?

Has it become less competitive over time…?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions… then you should give us a call.

Eurowalls can complete an Express Make-Over (an EMO) in just a couple of days – with NO disruption to your salon.

Eurowall “Elves” come out a night…Leaving a modern showcase salon for your Customers to see in the morning

We can quickly & efficiently add a New Reception Counter (“SOA Counter”)… introduce new Retail Fixtures… even a BIG BOLD WALL GRAPHIC to Brighten your Salon

Call Us Now To Learn More!!!

Is your salon missing the SOA?

Does Your Existing Salon (Salons…?) Have SOA?

That is… “Sense Of Arrival

Sense Of Arrival is a term used in the Hospitality Industry

As a Salon Owner… YOU are in the Hospitality Industry

To You… SOA means…

That every Patron should get a

positive “Sense Of Arrival” when they “Arrive” at your salon…

It is their First Impression of your Salon – and it must be a Good One

Salons that are thriving in today’s

Tanning Industry understand this…

For more on SOA… Click on the link below…

Let your clients know they have 'arrived'!

With Eurowalls as the backdrop to your masterful salon appeal!